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How to Use Fren Delegation - Squad Stake With Frens
How to Use Fren Delegation - Squad Stake With Frens

Source liquidity directly to your LSD Network validator.

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Fren Delegation is a tool that allows you to stake your ETH into specific validators as a Protected or MEV Staker.

As a Node Operator or LSD Network owner, this tool is extremely useful for sourcing liquidity by allowing people to delegate ETH directly to your validators.

How to Stake ETH Using Fren Delegation

Step 1: Open the Fren Delegation tool

Here is the full link:

Step 2: Connect your wallet

Click “Connect Wallet” and choose your wallet provider.

Step 3: Enter the validator public key (address) and choose your desired staking option

Paste the public key (address) for the validator you want to stake your ETH in. Node Operators can find their validator’s address on the “My Validators” tab on the LSD Networks dApp.

Once you enter the validator’s address, you can confirm the information below and see how much ETH is available to stake in the validator.

When you are ready, click on either “Protected Staking” or “MEV Staking”.

Step 4: Stake your ETH

After you choose your desired staking option, you will be prompted with an input field where you can enter the amount of ETH you desire to stake.

Enter the amount of ETH you want to stake, click “Confirm”, and then confirm the transaction in your wallet.

Once your ETH is staked successfully, you will be prompted with this pop-up:

Once your ETH is staked, you can monitor its performance using your Stakehouse portfolios. Learn more about how to do this here.

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