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Monitoring your MEV Staking position.

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The MEV Staking Portfolio provides in-depth information about your MEV Staking position. This portfolio page can be accessed through the Stakehouse LSD Networks dApp on the Manage page by clicking the arrow next to “MEV Staking LP” under “Staked Position”.

The MEV Staking Portfolio page contains three sections of information about the ETH you have staked in the MEV Staking pool. The MEV Staking dashboard displays overview information about your staked position’s status and performance. The Validator List displays basic performance data for the validators that your ETH is staked in. At the bottom, the Validators’ Snapshots display in-depth performance data for each validator.

MEV Staking Dashboard

The MEV Staking dashboard contains three sections of information about the status and performance of your MEV Staking position:

  1. Total Rewards Earned - The total amount of ETH rewards earned by your MEV staked position.

  2. Index Assets - The amount of ETH deposited and staked in the MEV Staking pool. Deposited ETH sits in the Giant Pool until it is paired with and staked in a validator. Once this happens, it becomes Staked ETH.

  3. Portfolio Details:

    • LSD Networks - The number of LSD Networks in which your ETH is staked.

    • Validators - The number of validators in which your ETH is staked.

    • Payoff Rate - The ratio of the redemption rate against the exchange rate. This represents how many SLOT tokens have been slashed without being topped up.

Validator List

The Validator List provides basic performance information about each of the validators in which your ETH is staked (MEV Stake). The information is displayed as follows:

  1. Health Status - Overall health indicator for a validator (green = nominal, yellow = needs attention, red = issue).

  2. Validator Address - The validator’s public key.

  3. Index - The LSD Network in which the validator is a part of.

  4. Redemption Rate - The amount of sETH required to burn per SLOT token in the LSD Network to remove the validator. In other words, it represents delta increase against the exchange rate when there is leakage.

  5. SLOT Tokens - The amount of SLOT tokens the user owns from the validator.

  6. sETH Tokens - The amount of sETH tokens you hold in your wallet for the staked position.

Validator Snapshots

The Validator Snapshots provide in-depth information about each of the validators in the Validator List. The information on each of the snapshot dashboards is displayed as follows:

  1. Validator Yield Rate - APR of dETH within the validator.

  2. Validator Yield Rate Chart - View a validator’s current and past APR, consensus layer APR, and Balance Reports (hourly, weekly, & daily).

  3. Validator Details:

    • Validator Address - The validator’s public key.

    • Exchange Rate - The sum of dETH earned plus the initial 24 dETH balance divided by the initial 24 dETH balance. The exchange rate should never go down.

    • Current Delta - The validator’s current yield rate compared with the yield from its last Balance Report.

    • Validator Health Status - The metric that shows whether the validator is eligible for Ethereum Rewards or not.

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