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Building on Stakehouse FAQ
Building on Stakehouse FAQ

Answers to common Stakehouse developer questions.

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Q: Is the Stakehouse codebase open-source?

A: No, the Stakehouse protocol is not open-source. However, we provide free resources for you to build your own dApps on top of its foundation.

On the other hand, the LSD Networks codebase is open-source.

Q: Does it cost anything to build on Stakehouse or use the Stakehouse Academy resources?

A: No. It is free to everyone to build on Stakehouse and use Stakehouse Academy.

Q: How much ETH do I need to deploy my own LSD Network?

A: Deploying an LSD Network does not require any ETH apart from gas fees to deploy.

Q: Can I restrict my LSD Network to run only certified or trusted validators?

A: Yes, if you deployed the LSD Network and you have the rights. DAOs or the LSD deployers can set whitelisting to true. This will make sure that only the addresses provided by the DAO or the LSD deployer can become node operators. They also have the authority to remove particular addresses from the whitelist status. Additionally, Gatekeeping can be activated to prevent validators from outside of the LSD Network from joining the house created by the LSD Network.

Q: Can I set a custom commission structure for my LSD Network?

A: By default, LSD networks are commissioned and permissionless. However, the LSD Network deployer can set the commission parameters for node runner revenue. It can be queried any time from the Wizard SDK so that a node runner is happy to accept the commission before staking their 4 ETH. Commissions can be disabled by setting it to 0%.

Q: How do I create and deploy an LSD Network?

A: There are two ways:

  1. Easy Mode - You can use the Stakehouse LSD Network Deployer to create an LSD Network in 60 seconds without using any code. Check out this video to learn how to do this.

  1. Expert Mode - You can use the Stakehouse Academy SDK to manually deploy an LSD Network. Keep in mind that this method requires a high level of technical knowledge to complete properly.

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