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How to manage your positions and claim rewards
How to manage your positions and claim rewards

Manage your positions, claim your rewards, and monitor your validators.

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Stakehouse LSD Networks provide a Three Pool Staking system that gives users three options for staking their ETH. These options are:

Once you stake your ETH using one of the above options, you will have the ability to monitor and manage your staked positions within the LSD Networks dApp.

Managing Your Assets

When you navigate to the Stakehouse LSD Networks dApp, select the “Manage” option on the right side of the tab located at the top of the page. From here you will be able to manage your staked positions, your rewards, and your validators (node operators only).

My Validators

The My Validators tab gives you insight and control over your validators. This tab is only applicable to Node Operator Stakers. They are the only staking participants who run the validators within Stakehouse LSD networks.

As a Node Operator, you can use this page to check on your validator status and initiate actions such as adding more liquidity and minting derivative tokens.

For further management of your validator including performing Balance Reports and validator Top Ups, you can go to the Solo Staking dApp. Here you will find your LSD validators as well as your solo staking validators. Keep in mind you will need to have your derivatives minted before the validator shows up in this list. You can find more information here. Keep in mind you will not be able to withdraw ETH or use any functionality in the "...".

Staked Position

The Staked Position tab shows how much ETH you have staked and unstaked through the Stakehouse LSD Networks dapp. You are given transparency into the type and amount of LP you have along with its staking status. LP represents partial ownership of a validator in an LSD network. Protected Staking positions are matched with dETH at a 1:1 ratio with their ETH investment.

At the bottom, you are given the following options:

  • Check your activity and transactions.

  • Withdraw unstaked ETH and lose future rewards.

Check Your Activity and Transactions

When you click on “Check Your Activity and Txs”, you will be able to see all your contract interactions through the Stakehouse LSD Networks dApp. The information provided includes the block number associated with each interaction, brief descriptions of the interaction, and relevant links that provide more information.

Withdraw Unstaked ETH

When you click “Withdraw unstaked ETH and lose future rewards”, you will be able to see the amount of unstaked ETH you have and which of the three pools it is located in. From here, you can withdraw your staked ETH.

Keep in mind that you can only unstake and withdraw ETH from the Protected Staking pool. The other two pools will unlock once the Ethereum network begins Phase 1.5 of the Ethereum 2.0 Merge.

My Rewards

The My Rewards tab shows you the amount of rewards you currently have available to reinvest or claim. These rewards are displayed in each pool they are associated with. In other words, you will only see rewards accrued from pools in which you have a staked position.

Click on a staking option that has an available rewards balance. Doing so will give you the option to claim your rewards. Claiming your rewards transfers the funds from the LSD Networks dApp to your connected wallet.

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