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What is the validator details page?
What is the validator details page?

Your individual validator information.

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On your profile tab, you will see all validators you have registered. There is a button under the manage column titled “Details”. This will take you to your validator details page.

This page displays key information needed to manage that validator.

KNOT Stats: This section gives the totals of the assets associated with this validator.

Payoff Rate: Refers to the rate of current SLOT balance in the house / dETH minted in the house. This rate is needed to know how much SLOT is necessary to exit Stakehouse.

Stakehouse: The Stakehouse the selected validator is a part of.

Address: Your validator's address.

Status: Displays the current status of your dETH journey.

  • Pending: The consensus layer is in the process of confirming your validator.

  • Ready to Mint: Your validator is eligible to mint derivative tokens dETH and SLOT.

  • Ready to Withdraw: dETH is available to withdraw to your wallet.

  • Indexed: savETH is curated in your personalized savETH index.

Execution Layer: Link to your initial transaction of staking of 32 ETH.

Consensus Layer: Link to your validator’s activity on the website. Here you can see your active validator balance and performance.

Redemption Rate: Refers to the rate of sETH needed to be burned per SLOT token to remove your validator from Stakehouse. This rate will have an exchange rate of 3+ sETH per 1 SLOT. dETH minted in the house / current SLOT balance in the house.

Balance Report: Is an on-chain validator management report to retrieve the actual balance of your validator from the consensus and confirm it in the Stakehouse registry on the Execution layer.

Top Up: This restores your validator balance back to the minimum level of 32 ETH if leakage or slashing occurs. The minimum top up is set by the Ethereum Foundation at 1 ETH.

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