How does Stakehouse Work?
The Stakehouse user journey
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Stakehouse Protocol is bringing staking to the masses with Easy Mode. Stakehouse users are given a platform that allows them to stake within 60 seconds and start collecting staking rewards and network revenue from their validator.

Firstly, a user must have 32 ETH and be willing to stake with the Ethereum Deposit Contract.

Secondly, a user can choose between Easy Mode and expert mode to register their validator. Users will generate validator keys for signing on-chain (consensus layer) duties, such as attestations and block proposals.

Thirdly, the user will deposit 32 ETH to the Ethereum Deposit Contract and wait until their validator is confirmed on the consensus layer. Once complete, a user can mint their trustless, non-custodial derivative tokens; 24 dETH and 8 SLOT.

After the tokens are minted, users can join a Stakehouse or create their own and must operate a node or find a node operator to start earning rewards.

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