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How do I mint my derivative tokens?
How do I mint my derivative tokens?

Join a Stakehouse and mint derivatives.

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After registering a validator with Stakehouse, validator owners will need to wait until the validator is confirmed by the consensus layer before they can mint their derivative tokens. This process can take 24+ hours. Follow these step-by-step instructions to mint derivative tokens dETH and SLOT.

Step #1: Check Status

Go to the “My Profile” tab in the Stakehouse dApp and select the “Minting Available” button in the status column to verify your validator’s eligibility. Stakehouse verifies your validator eligibility to make sure you have 32+ ETH in your validator. If your validator has been leaking and you have less than 32 ETH in your validator, you will not be able to mint derivatives. For more information head over to the consensus layer and search for your validator.

Once verified you will be brought to the “Join a Stakehouse” page.

Step #2: Joining a Stakehouse and Minting Tokens

Select the Stakehouse you would like to join. Next, click the “Submit” button to confirm your validator has 32+ ETH. Remember that SLOT tokens will show up in your wallet as sETH. Learn more here.

Select “Mint” to begin minting your tokens.

Verify your validator key is correct, then select “Confirm.”

Select “Mint Tokens.” This will initiate minting your derivative tokens (24 dETH and 8 SLOT tokens.)

View your minted tokens by selecting "My Profile.”

Step #3: Enjoy Multichain ETH and Liquid Validator tokens

You have joined a Stakehouse and minted your multichain ETH and liquid validator tokens. Your savETH tokens are now inside your savETH index.

Step #4: See Your dETH Balance On Chain (Optional)

To see your dETH balance on the Ethereum blockchain, head over to Stakehouse Subgraph Playground and run the following query. Below is the template:

stakehouseAccounts(where: { id: "${id}", lifecycleStatus: 3, depositor: "${account}" }) {
stakeHouseMetadata {

Copy the above query and paste into the Playground with your credentials. Example below:

"data": {
"stakehouseAccounts": [{
"id": "0xa97f0308ffffd1d253f35ef4d8309059b7d89fd530a9adce7e101d23ed15e519bcb0cd8bf0c6f9cc40eddd7966f7a6bb",
"totalDETHMintedFormatted": "24",
"totalSLOTFormatted": "8",
"totalCollateralizedSLOTInVaultFormatted": "4",
"sETHMintedFormatted": "12",
"sETHCollateralizedAtMintingFormatted": "12",
"stakeHouseMetadata": {
"id": "0x33b37b3b44f49ba4e0cfec3d0365937dceb0c4cb",
"sETH": "0xede4d410a4da6c3b8baa25ee8dfd912c6c59f052",
"sETHExchangeRateFormatted": "3",
"sETHTicker": "sBOOST"

Once your query is running, see dETH balance here:

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