How do I create a Stakehouse?

Create your own Stakehouse and mint derivatives.

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Note: We suggest joining an existing Stakehouse unless you are adding a large number of validators or want to manage a validator collective.

Step #1: Connect your wallet and go to the “My Profile” tab

Select the “Minting Available” button.

Step #2: Create a Stakehouse

Select “⋯” and toggle “Create a Stakehouse” to start.

Select “I’m the first of many”.

Step #3: Mint Tokens

Choose a ticker name for your Stakehouse. The ticker name must be 3-5 characters long.

Click the “Submit” button to report the balance of the validator.

Select the “Mint” button.

Click the "Confirm" button if your validator key is correct.

Select “Mint Tokens” and complete the transaction on your wallet to finish minting your tokens.

Step #4: Manage and promote your Stakehouse

The Stakehouse is now created and tokens are minted.

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