Q: What is dETH? Isn't Synthetic ETH and Derivative ETH the same thing?

A: dETH is the yield bearing derivative of ETH staked in the Consensus layer. At any given moment the Stakehouse registry can reconcile dETH on the Execution layer by locating its underlying staked ETH on the Consensus layer.

Q: What are SLOT tokens?

A: SLOT tokens have the exclusive rights to network revenue such as gas fees. These represent the tokenized validator.

Q: Where can I buy dETH and SLOT tokens?

A: Anywhere liquidity pools are available for dETH and utilizing the SDK for SLOT tokens.

Q: Why can't I mint my derivative tokens?

A: Make sure you completed your validator process by setting up a node. Check out the Node Setup section here.

Check list:

  • Make sure your node is setup.

  • Check if your validator is confirmed on the Consensus layer.

  • Wait at least 8+ hours. (Sometimes this take longer)

  • Make sure your validator balance is at 32 ETH.

    • If the validator balance is lower than 32 ETH you will have to wait until your balance meets minimum requirements.

    • If the validator continues to leak, reach out to your node operator.

Q: Why is dETH not visible in my wallet?

A: Not everything that is on the blockchain is indexed by Etherscan and MetaMask. Subgraph allows users to query any data that is on the Ethereum blockchain using specific queries. On your profile dashboard use the tool tip to submit a query through the Stakehouse Graph Playground to see your balance on-chain.

Q: How do I use dETH?

A: To use dETH, validator owner’s need to complete the dETH withdrawal process. See guide here.

Q: How do I get SLOT in my Wallet?

A: SLOT tokens are represented in a user's wallet as liquid sETH. Read more on sETH here.

Q: Why do I have to wait to mint my derivatives?

A: The Consensus Layer has to confirm new validators staked on-chain. This is a measure deployed by the Ethereum network. Once your validator is confirmed, validator owners can mint their derivatives. You can check the status of your validator on-chain via the My Profile tab.

Q: How do I see my dETH balance?

A: The Stakehouse dashboard displays the user's dETH balance after minting. dETH is visible in the dashboard and on The Graph. Since not all information on the blockchain is indexed by Metamask and Etherscan, validator owner’s are able to verify their on-chain dETH balance using a query on The Graph. The Blockswap team have set up a query to be performed for

Q: What is the contract address for dETH?

A: The token contract address refers to the address location of the actual token contract that manages the logic for the token. Below is dETH’s contract address, you can also check the contract information on Etherscan here.


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